Participants whose stories are selected and published on the China Daily app will be awarded with coins which they can redeem to get gifts in the app’s built-in store.
The coins earned through this activity will not build up the winner’s user level and can only be used in gifts redeeming.
During Nov 6-7, up to 5 winners will be selected every day, with the result published on the app.
获奖名单和作品将11月6日和7日发布于China Daily客户端,每期至多5个名额,敬请期待。
Winners can contact with picture and ID used in the app to claim the gifts. Those winners who haven’t contacted us by Nov 9 will be considered as having forfeited their gifts.
Users should upload original works and shall take all responsibilities and losses for infringement.
China Daily website reserves all rights to the final interpretation.